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Do you Dive In?

Do you Dive In by Brainstorm Giraffe


Translated: To start doing something enthusiastically. I do, one hundred percent. Why do we just dive in? I do it because I want a/Results and data; b/First hand experience; c/It is disruptive and has not been done before and d/I am impatient and passionate. How does this relate to Customer Experience and Brainstorm Giraffe? These are the things we take into consideration when working with our clients, are we a match when it comes to how we dive in? What adjustments do we make to be able to scale our dive in expectations? Love to hear about your dive in experiences.                                    .




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Brand Reputation

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 BRAND REPUTATION, you as an individual are a brand too. Brand reputation refers to how a particular brand is viewed by others. A favorable brand reputation means customers trust your company, and feel good about purchasing your goods or services. On social media, online forums, blogs, news sites, search engines and other Internet sources, it’s important for your brand to be positioned correctly. Some ways to enhance your brand presence are through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Website, Content and PR. Brand management and tracking are imperative to your reputation and one can easily lose track of it. I track my brand with the help of @officialbrandyourself,, check them out and get your free evaluation on their website. .
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Sweeten The Deal

Sweeten the deal, brainstorm giraffe, cheesecake on a stick

SWEETEN THE DEAL! What techniques do you use in your Business to sweeten the experience your customer has already received from you. One of my favorite things to do is to set up a profile for their next visit with their preferences, Anniversary, birthday and favorite items or services. I use this information to hold my customer dearly to my brand by acknowledging them and customizing my offerings. I ensure I get their permission to contact them and their preferred form of communication. Want to learn more about capturing customer data? chat with us!
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Follow Through On Promises Made

Follow Through On Promises Made by Brainstorm Giraffe

 Your business must approach customer service in a strategic manner. Be proactive, anticipate and deliver. Have a proper method of collecting information from the client and why they are contacting you. Respond to the customer, follow through, analyze prevention methods or learning opportunities and share with your Team. Remember to acknowledge receipt of service request from the Customer. Then do triage, most hurt get attention first. It is overwhelming to attend to everything at once. Don’t burn out your resources.
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Be There

 Phone-Text-Messenger-Email-ChatBot....How many different ways can your customer interact with you? Be where they are! #CustomerService#CustomerExperience #BeThere 

Be Bold

Be Bold with Brainstorm Giraffe

BE BOLD with your Customer Experience Management. Invite a few of your customers periodically to join you for a working lunch. Have candid conversations about their experiences with your business and what would they like to see in new offerings. Ask us about setting up a Customer Feedback program for you, how to analyze the results and find solutions.                                       .



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Top Down

Top Down by Brainstorm Giraffe

TOP DOWN, the top people in your business, Owner, CEO and others in your Management Track, are they walking the brand talk? Is the Company’s internal dialogue in line with your external presence? Authenticity is cool, your customers can sense it and will bond with your brand. Be proud and confident of your organization from the Top Down.                                            .




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Too busy for your customers?

Brainstorm Giraffe, Customer experience agency in San Diego.

Everyday business owners are fully immersed in the operations side of their business, juggling P&L, staffing, inventory, planning and much more. Always ensure you put your customers in the center of what you do. Nurture, renew, talk, listen and stay in touch with your customers. Just as you pay your bills on time, ensure you are timely with keeping in touch with your customers.

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Design Experiences

When you create Customer Experiences, take into consideration the design of your space, it must be compelling enough for customers to feel like leaving their homes and spend time and money with you. Design experiences that put customers at ease, and this feeling translates into experiences that are relaxed, memorable and delightful. One space that does this for me is Fetzer Wine in Temecula, California.       

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Customers Waiting?

Do your customers spend time waiting for service at your business? Do you share the expected wait time with your customers? Consider aspects of self-service, text alerts, call backs or reorganization of staff to meet demands. is your purchasing process streamlined, review it, fine tune it, everyday is look for solutions day. Make it convenient for customers to use you, it will be your competitive edge over your competitors.  

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Customer Experience

Can Customer Service and Experience initiatives in your business deliver tangible business success? The answer is a resounding yes! We have the passion to bring you these measurable results. Talk to us today.                             

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Naughty or Nice

It’s important for us to raise brand awareness now, so when people are making their holiday lists, we’re on them. Naughty or nice your business should be on the customer’s shopping list.
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Small businesses usually have so many things coming coming right at them from so many directions, that they invariably don’t have time to deal with their broader business strategies. Don’t just survive, thrive, work on strategizing and the big picture with our help. #CustomerService#CustomerExperience #smallbusinessowner